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Choosing the shape of your paddle board - All around or touring?

Choosing the shape of your paddle board - All around or touring? - The Wild Tribe

Embarking on your paddle board journey? Hold onto your paddle! In this article, we're diving deep into the world of paddle board shapes – the game-changers that can either elevate your aquatic escapades or leave you feeling adrift. 

Picture this: gliding effortlessly across serene waters, the sun warming your skin, and the thrill of adventure pulsating through your veins. Now, imagine the opposite – struggling to find your balance, battling choppy waves, and longing for a smoother ride.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or dipping your toes into the paddle board scene for the first time, knowing the ins and outs of paddle board shapes is key to unlocking the ultimate experience. From sleek cruisers to stable stalwarts, we'll guide you through the nuances, advantages, and pitfalls of each shape, empowering you to make a splash with confidence! 

So, grab your sunscreen and strap on your life jacket – it's time to discover the perfect paddle board shape for your aquatic aspirations!

The first type of paddle board is known as the All-Around, characterized by its rounded nose. On the other hand, the second type, called the Touring, features a pointed nose. 

Understanding the differences between these two popular paddle board shapes is essential in selecting the one that best suits your riding style and needs. It's worth noting that both shapes can be suitable for 100% recreational use on a lake or river. 

Ultimately, your preference for a particular board's design can also influence your choice based on style.

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The All-Around Shape

The All-Around paddle board, with its rounded nose and small rocker, is the ultimate companion for navigating lakes and rivers. Its wider shape provides superior stability, making it perfect for beginners and versatile enough for recreational activities like SUP yoga and fishing

While it may not be the fastest option, its ability to handle waves and water agitation with ease ensures a smooth ride every time. 

Whether you're paddling leisurely on calm waters or tackling waves, the All-Around shape delivers unmatched performance and versatility for all your SUP adventures.

The Touring Shape

The Touring paddle board features a pointed nose, akin to a kayak, designed for extended, fast-paced trips on flat water. Its unique displacement hull ensures superior efficiency and performance, allowing for smoother glides with fewer paddle strokes

Ideal for speed and SUP racing, Touring boards excel in long-distance expeditions and coastal cruises. 

While less beginner-friendly due to increased difficulty in balance, they offer unparalleled performance for experienced paddlers seeking adventure and efficiency on the water.Shop touring paddle boards

Shop touring paddle boards

Whether you're drawn to the stability and versatility of the All-Around paddle board or enticed by the speed and efficiency of the Touring board, one thing remains certain: paddle boarding offers endless opportunities for adventure and exploration on the water. 

No matter your skill level or preferred style, there's a paddle board out there waiting to elevate your aquatic experiences. So, grab your paddle, embrace the journey, and let the waves guide you towards unforgettable moments on the water. 

Happy paddling!

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