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Step 1 - Unroll your board

Unroll your inflatable paddleboard in a clear and safe flat area. Take your time to unfold it completely, ensuring that there are no kinks or twists.

Step 2 - Assemble your hand pump

Assemble the double action hand pump by connecting the hose to the handle connection.

Double action settings:

To activate double action, insert and secure the plug at the tube's top into the hole. If pumping becomes too resistant, remove the plug to switch to single action for easier high-pressure pumping.

Step 3 - Prepare the Valve for inflation

Open the valve cap and ensure that the valve stem is in the top position (closing the air flow). If not, gently press the valve stem and rotate it until it pop up and raise.

Step 4 - Connect the Nozzle to the Valve

Locate the inflation valve, usually near the board's rear. Attach the pump's nozzle securely for a snug fit by pressing and turning to lock it into the valve.

Pro tip: The hose as a normal curvature. Use it to force the nozzle to spin on the locking side to avoid the nozzle to pull out by itself.

Step 5 - Double Action Pumping

Utilize the pump's efficiency with a continuous up-and-down motion. The double action fills the board during both strokes, speeding up the inflation process. The gauge needle will only start to raise at 5 PSI, this when the board start to gets stiff. It can take up to 15 minutes to inflate! 

If pumping becomes too resistant, remove the plug to switch to single action for easier high-pressure pumping.

Step 6 - Monitor the Pressure

Keep an eye on the pressure gauge as you pump. Aim for the recommended 15 to 18 PSI of your board for optimal stability. If enhanced board stiffness and air volume is a must or necessary, aim for the 18 PSI.

IMPORTANT: Heat affects air particules. When air is heated, it expand, thus naturally increasing your board PSI. During hot and sunny days, leave some room for this natural increase and lightly under inflate the board. 

Step 7 - Disconnect and Secure

After reaching the desired pressure, carefully detach the nozzle. Replace the valve cap. Your paddleboard is ready for the water!

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Your Paddle Board is inflated, What's next ?

  • Attach your Ankle Strap
  • Install your Fins
  • Adjust the Length of your Paddle

Inflate your board easily and faster⚡️

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