Seymour Snowshoes: Traverse Winter Terrains with Precision & Style!

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Seymour Snowshoes: Traverse Winter Terrains with Precision & Style!

Seymour Snowshoes: Traverse Winter Terrains with Precision & Style!

Seymour Snowshoes: Traverse Winter Terrains with Precision & Style!

Embark on exhilarating winter expeditions with the confidence that only Kootenay Snowshoes can provide. More than just a pretty facade, these snowshoes are engineered for endurance and optimal performance.

Key Features:

Stylish Design: Stand out and leave a lasting impression on snowy trails.

Robust Construction: Meticulously crafted with a resilient aluminium frame, ensuring these snowshoes are built to last.

Innovative CSM Decking Technology: This state-of-the-art tech ensures versatility, letting you transition effortlessly from tranquil winter strolls to challenging mountain adventures.

Climbing Bars: Conquer every ascent with ease! Our integrated climbing bars simplify uphill climbs, giving you an edge in challenging snowy terrains.

Whether you're exploring untouched snowfields or ascending rugged peaks, the Kootenay Snowshoes are your trusty companion, turning every journey into an unforgettable adventure."

This version emphasizes the unique selling points, focusing on design, durability, and performance in varied winter terrains.

Choose the size of your snowshoes

1. Total weight with equipment

The recommended user weight for snowshoes does not mean the standard weight. You have to consider the sum of everything your snowshoes will have to carry. This include, but is not limited to, yourself, your clothes, your boots, your filled backpack, etc. This is something to consider when choosing the right pair of snowshoes to use.

2. Follow the size chart

The size chart shown represents the ideal and correct total weight capacities according to the size of the snowshoe for our 3 models of The Wild Tribe snowshoes.

3. Snow conditions

It is obvious that better flotation is required in freshly fallen powder than in compacted, heavy snow or on a well-groomed trail. You should therefore take into account the type of snow you will face during your expeditions. If you usually snowshoe in compact snow or on groomed trails, you may want to choose a smaller pair of snowshoes for your weight versus off-trail use or in soft snow and powder.

Redesigned for the harsh Canadian winters

New CSM Decking Technology

Materials are affected by extreme temperatures, and so is the plastic used for snowshoe decking. Plastic becomes brittle and weak when exposed to cold due to the molecule of plastic losing elasticity. This is the number one reason why we see a lot of breaking decks on plastic snowshoes.
So the developing team at The Wild Tribe™ has rethought & reinvented the product to be properly adapted to the environment in which it is being used by incorporating CSM technologies to the decking.

Advantages of CSM

- Unaffected by extreme temperatures

- It doesn’t get brittle and deteriorate over time.

- Better abrasion and impact resistance

- Longer lasting material

- More Supple

Quick & Easy to attach

Improved Traction

2 sets of claws

Ascension heels

Ready for the mountains

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Customer Reviews

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Marie-Eve Robert

Raquette Seymour

Céline Turcotee

Grandeur et fixations parfaites


Everything is perfect!👍

Nathalie Pâquet

Solide et robuste malgré leur légèreté, je les apprécie … merci ☺️

Francine Aubry
Mes nouvelles raquettes

J’ai fait ma première randonnée cette semaine et je les ai beaucoup apprécié. La seule chose qui cloche, pour moi, est la longueur de la sangle derrière la botte. Elle est trop courte et j’arrive difficilement à rejoindre le velcro. Outre ce détail, je suis satisfaite de mon achat.

Allo Francine.
Le velcro sert seulement si l'excès de sangle est trop long afin d'empêcher que celui-ci soit encombrant et accroche. Dans votre cas, la sangle n'est pas trop longue et n'a donc pas besoin d'être attachée au velcro