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Paddle Board Fishing: Benefits and Tips

Paddle Board Fishing: Benefits and Tips - The Wild Tribe

Paddle board fishing: benefits and tips

Paddle board fishing offers a unique experience, combining the pleasure of fishing with the calm of paddling. Discover the many advantages of this sport and follow our tips for successful outings on the water. 

Why :

 The many advantages 

of SUP fishing

1. Accessibility

The paddle board provides access to fishing areas not accessible from shore or by boat. Inflatable SUPs can be easily carried in a backpack, making them practical for fishing adventures in remote locations.

2. Discretion

Since the SUP is silent and doesn't require a motor, it offers a discreet approach to fishing in areas where fish might be spooked by the noise of a motorboat.

3. Physical exercise

SUP fishing is also a great way to get some exercise. Paddling strengthens upper body muscles and helps improve balance and coordination.

4. Immersive experience

Standing on the water makes you feel more connected to your environment and the nature around you. It's an immersive experience that can add a new dimension to your fishing practice.

Tips :  

How to optimize your SUP fishing trips

The right fishing equipment

 Choose lightweight, compact fishing equipment. This can include a telescopic rod, a small bait bag, a lure box, etc.

Paddle technique

Practice your paddling technique to get comfortable and stable on your SUP. You'll need to be able to paddle efficiently while keeping an eye on your fishing line.

Choosing fishing spots 

Look for promising fishing spots, such as schoals of fish, areas with abundant aquatic vegetation or places where the current is favorable.

Always remember to stay safe by wearing your wilderness vest and ankle safety strap in case of a fall into the water. 

 Happy fishing!

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