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SUP Freestyle : How to Practice

SUP Freestyle : How to Practice - The Wild Tribe

SUP Freestyle : How to practice

Are you a fan of paddle boarding?    

Then you've probably already heard of SUP Freestyle, a little-known but rapidly emerging discipline in the world of water sports. 

  In this article, we'll guide you through the essential techniques and tips for mastering this exciting discipline.

What is SUP Freestyle? 

 SUP freestyle, or stand-up paddle freestyle, is a dynamic and creative discipline of stand-up paddle (SUP). It combines the basic techniques of paddle boarding with artistic and acrobatic movements on the water. 

SUP freestylers perform tricks, jumps and rotations using their board and paddle, often in a variety of environments such as calm water, ocean waves or rivers.

Characteristics of a good freestyler

1. Creativity

A key component of SUP freestyle is creativity. Riders explore new ways of manipulating the board and playing with the water, which can lead to unique and innovative moves.

2. Balance and agility

Freestyle SUP requires good balance, strong coordination and agility on the board. Riders must be comfortable moving quickly and precisely on the water.

3. Adaptability 

Being able to adapt to changing water conditions is important in SUP freestyle. Riders need to be able to read waves and currents and adjust their movements accordingly.

How to adopt SUP Freestyle

Be well equipped


For safe SUP freestyle riding, you'll need a paddle board with a few special features.  

 A board with a short length and a good width will enable you to make fast, stable movements. It should also have a non-slip floor along its entire length, and non-slip kickpads to keep it stable and prevent falls. 

Master the basics

Before taking up SUP freestyle, make sure you've mastered the basics of stand-up paddling, including paddling, balancing and navigating the water.

Practice regularly

The key to progress in SUP freestyle is regular practice. Spend time on the water experimenting with different tricks and moves to improve your skills.

Learn from others 

Watch SUP freestyle videos and observe the techniques used by other riders. You can learn a lot by watching the best in the sport. You can also take part in events to meet people who are passionate about SUP.

Be creative

A key component of SUP freestyle is creativity. Paddlers explore new ways of manipulating the board and playing with the water, which can lead to unique and innovative moves.

By following these tips and showing determination, you'll progress in SUP freestyle, discovering a new dimension of fun, self-expression and adventure. You'll be able to push your limits and enjoy unforgettable experiences on the water.

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