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5 must-have items for your water outings

5 must-have items for your water outings - The Wild Tribe

5 must-have items for your water outings


In addition to having a more luxurious feel, microfibre towels are very popular in water sports, not least because they dry very quickly. Best of all, the microfibre towel keeps well in a waterproof bag, even when wet, as it prevents moisture from clinging to it, thus avoiding bad odours.


Hiking in a wet environment like a lake or river without a waterproof bag? Not a chance! This type of bag allows you to bring your mobile phone, money and snacks with you safely, as it keeps them dry all day. Plus, the straps on the front of your SUP will allow you to store it easily, so you can paddle without having to carry a bag around.

3. A PFD

"PFD" means Personal Flotation Device. By law, there must be one PFD per person on board the boat. In order to have a safe day out with peace of mind, it's important to bring a PFD with you. Be careful, as the fines can be steep for those who do not comply with this law!


What better way to keep you energized all day than with a nutritious snack? The Quebec SUP team strongly recommends that you bring small meals with you, in your waterproof bag, in order to perform well. A picnic break on the water will allow you to stay safe and have fun all day. Don't forget to pick up your rubbish and to respect nature when you go out on the water!


The most important of all: the water bottle! Take enough water with you when you go hiking, because in hot weather, heat stroke is your worst enemy. Hydrate before, during and after your hike to stay in shape on the water.

Now that your board is inflated and your bag is filled with everything you need, we wish you a great ride!

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