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All-Around or Touring?

All-Around or Touring? - The Wild Tribe

Choosing the shape of your paddle board - All-Around or Touring?

The first form of paddleboard is called the All-Around (rounded nose) and the second form is called the Touring (pointed nose). Depending on your riding style and needs, one shape will generally suit you better than the other. We'll take a look at the differences between these two popular paddleboard shapes, and help you decide which one is right for you. Before we start, it's worth noting that for 100% recreational use on a lake or river, both board shapes may be right for you. If you prefer the design of a particular board, you can choose it according to its style.

Sam Peters

the all-around shape

The All-Around paddleboard, with its rounded nose, is tailored for lakes and rivers. Its wider shape grants stability and ease of control, making it a top pick for beginners. But, its broader hull and overall dimensions limit its speed and range. This design is best for: 

 - Casual paddleboarding 

- SUP yoga 

- SUP fishing 

- Paddling in lakes, bays, oceans with varying wave conditions. 

Its versatility means you can paddle in tranquil waters or tackle waves, making it perfect for diverse SUP activities, from regular paddling to serene yoga sessions.


The Touring paddleboard, with its kayak-like pointed nose, is crafted for extended, rapid flat-water journeys. Its design ensures a straighter, efficient course, requiring fewer strokes for a fluid water glide—ideal for speed and SUP racing. However, its balance challenge makes it less user-friendly for novices, though not an outright poor start. This shape excels at: 

-Casual paddleboarding 

- Long-distance expeditions 

- Speed-centric outings 

- Coastal cruises 

 If you're seeking long-distance adventures or a board that offers efficient transition between points, the Touring shape is your go-to.

Understanding the distinctions between these two board shapes, along with their pros and cons, is crucial to selecting the ideal SUP board for you. Remember, for casual use, especially with inflatable boards, either shape is feasible. Aesthetics matter too, so ensure you appreciate the design of your chosen board. Enjoy your summer and happy paddling!

                                                                                                        - The Wild Tribe team

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