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Maintain your paddleboard for a long life!

Maintain your paddleboard for a long life! - The Wild Tribe

Maintain your paddleboard for a long life!

Many people wonder why their SUP is deteriorating rapidly, the joints are peeling, the colour is fading, etc. But how do you keep your SUP in good condition for a long time? But how do you keep your SUP in good condition for a long time? 


UV rays and heat can degrade and damage your SUP. This can create an increase in internal pressure, deterioration of adhesives, discoloration and other impacts. It is therefore important not to leave your inflatable board in direct sunlight, but also not to leave it in an environment with high ambient heat (shed, garage, car, etc). We recommend to put it in the shade, in a ventilated place and to reduce the pressure to about 7 PSI.


Board pressure. Too much pressure above the recommended 15 PSI can reduce the longevity of your SUP and even cause instant breakage. On hot days or when the board is exposed to direct sunlight, inflate the board to at least 3 PSI below the recommended maximum around the valve. It is also important to check the pressure of the valve from time to time. The temperature affects the internal pressure and we don't want anything bad to happen to you! For example, a tire inflated to 15 PSI left in the sun can easily rise above 20 PSI.


After using it in a lake, river, ocean or even in the pool, rinse it with clean water to remove any algae, sand, salt, chlorine, or other components that may be left on it.


Deflate your SUP when not in use. When you finish your outing, deflate your board to take pressure off. This step applies even more on hot sunny days. A board in the sun can reach an internal heat much higher than the ambient temperature. When air heats up, the air particles move away from each other and this causes the pressure to increase without even adding air and the pressure can go from 13-15PSI to over 20PSI just because of this.


Before storing the board: make sure to dry it well by leaving it in the open air for a few minutes or by drying it with an absorbent cloth to avoid the appearance of mould.


Store your SUP in a dry, ventilated area, either on a wall or other surface or on the ground. It is essential to relieve the pressure in the board to reduce the force exerted on the board's components during storage.


Storage of the deflated SUP: To deflate the paddle board, stand on a clean surface (grass, house floor, dock, etc). Never on sand. Deflate your SUP with the pump or with your weight and fold the board without tightening it too much. Avoid keeping your SUP inflated or deflated in a place of high heat and/or humidity such as the trunk of your car, shed exposed to the sun, direct sunlight, etc.


Cleaning paddle marks on your inflatable: use natural clay stone (without additives). Take a damp cloth and wipe over the clay stone and then over the paddle marks. When finished, rinse with clean water.

  AND THAT'S IT! Good maintenance of your sup will allow you to enjoy your board for many seasons.

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